Hakyung Jeong


“Designing Traditions” is a project in collaboration with the RISD Museum’s collection of Japanese Art and Textile and I was inspired by the traditional Jinbaori (surcoat of a high-ranking samurai in order to protect from elements) and its architectural shapes such as the circular arm holes and the collar panels. 

This piece was chosen to be displayed at Rhode Island School of Design Museum for 8-month long exhibition.

Panels were woven as a tight gauze over the illustrated layer, cut around the edges, then coated with fabric stiffener. The ribbons were sewed onto after to replicate the belt of a Jinboari robe


Artwork design and color seperation using Adobe Photoshop and Ned Graphics

Several woven trials experimenting with various weft sequencing  in  material, size, and color

Final design being woven on the industrial Jacquard loom