Hakyung Jeong

Being Korean but residing in Middle East and America, I grew up interacting with people of completely different language, beliefs, and nationalities.

Through my experience I learned not one person is the same, not one is completely different. Ignorance is the result of disregarding differences and hatred is caused by self-centeredness. The next generation should learn to not own these qualities and more spaces designed to encourage understanding at an early age

Conversation Between Cultures: Children is a project to design portable fabrics/wallpapers that can be placed in primary educational intuitions disclosed to all class and race. The goal is to design a space that engages fun and uplifting conversation in sharing differences in cultures and finding similarities within. 


Further on, designed continuous yardage of the imagery in idea to be mass manufactured and shipped to any location and can be a customizable cut and sewn fabric/wallpaper that can be placed in any interior/exterior architecture.


Digitally printed fabrics translates colors from the digital file to its designated inks, Fiber Reactive and Acid Dyes. Therefore fabric changes depending on the material it is printed on.



The drawings are derived from simplifying and abstracting architectures in Persian Miniatures and traditional Korean documents and further exploring the unique perspective of visualizing 3D information to 2D. 

Color palette is designed to create a uplifting environment, geared towards children but still accessible to any age range. 

Screen printing on polyester taffeta and experimenting different ratios of base to pigment to achieve correct colors in different amounts of  transparency


For most accurate color translation, after test printing a color chart, I edited the digital file with the corresponding color chip from the steamed test fabric


An illusion of space is created through the relationships of colors by hue, overlaps, and  transparency