Hakyung Jeong



As a team of Textile, Furniture, and Industrial Design students, we are collaborating to design a three-person chair in a form of a triangular prism with a stretched elastic knit exterior

The furniture is different from other forms, as the user is not aware of the functional aspect of the object but discover and be immersed in the soft elastic knit. There will be different sensory experiences when viewing the object from far and being inside the furniture.

Elasticity and Strength

Knitted forms often hold the question of strength to serve as a supportive fabric however through material and structural exploration we discovered knits stronger than metal. The complexity of the structure and imagery of the knit demands the technicalities of the industrial knitting machine (CMS 530) designed on Stoll M1Plus in the RISD Textiles Department.

Structure and Assembly

Due to the tension of the fabric and the triangulation of the structure, the structure must be able to dissemble. With the measurements of the stretched fabric on the metal frame and the angles of the triangulation, designed 3D printed connectors to close and contain the structure